8 Ways You Can Use Social Media for Your Business Effectively

Published At: 26 Mar 2022
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8 Ways You Can Use Social Media for Your Business Effectively

The Internet and the new digital era have brought many changes, creating new markets and new business opportunities. The question is how to take advantage of them. Now it is possible to reach many more market niches in a more specific way or hidden segments that were impossible to reach. And this has been brought about by the emergence of digital marketing.

A large part of society exists in the online world. Maybe, not all of them are on social networks, but most of them have social media profiles. What does this allow you as a company? Very easy: Reach your target audience very directly and effectively.

social networks are part of your customers' habits. Therefore, it can be a good idea to reach them through these channels to offer your products or services. If you do not know where to start, If you do not have time to publish content, or if the campaigns you run are not working well, KDM can help you manage your social media.

Faster and Easier Communication

Here are 8 reasons why your company should be on social media and how it can help you improve your business.

The possibility of contacting customer service directly on social media is an important plus. More direct communication benefits the customer. Just access the company profile and start chatting. This can be via private message, comments, or chat.

It's easier and faster than calling a call center where you can be stopped. Providing good customer service enhances word of mouth.

Helps to Spread News & Important Messages

Social networks allow for rapid two-way communication, i.e., not only is it easier for the user, but also the company benefits because it can reach out more quickly to communicate important news and messages.

Each social network has its strengths, for example, LinkedIn has a more professional and business focus. It is perfect for press releases, images, or videos showing news that may be of interest to shareholders, followers, and potential customers.

If the content is emotional, it is more likely to go viral on networks such as Facebook or Instagram. However, following the changes made by Facebook when it comes to choosing what content is shown on the wall, the vast majority of content published by companies only reaches a small part of their followers.

If a post on Facebook does not have good interaction from the beginning, its reach is limited its reach will be limited. Many companies systematically promote all their posts to reach most of their followers or similar audiences to achieve their goals.

Expands the Network of Collaborations

One of the most positive aspects of social networks is that it makes it possible to bridge large distances in networking. We can directly approach a politician, a journalist, a famous athlete, or a celebrity. We can also connect directly with other people who, despite not being so popular, can help us develop our brand through some collaboration, we are talking about social media influencers.

These possibilities can be very beneficial to building a brand image that generates trust and loyalty. It can be very useful, for example, to achieve mentions, positive ratings, links, etc.

Being on social networks also allows you to keep up to date with news related to your sector of activity. Knowing what the competition is doing is also important to avoid becoming obsolete because there is always a bigger fish or a more innovative company.

Boosting Search Engine Visibility

The major Internet search engines such as Google or Bing use increasingly complex algorithms. One of the parameters they undoubtedly take into account is whether the content is popular on social networks. If it is liked by the public on social networks, it is more likely to move up in the search results.

Being successful on social networks positively influences your SEO positioning. Currently, these signals do not carry as much weight as, for example, links in search rankings.

 However, if your content is successful on social networks and is shared, it is likely to generate new links. Often from websites that were not even on your link-building radar.

Increase Traffic to your Website

If you are successful in social networks and you get higher search rankings, traffic to your website will increase. In addition, social media allows you to reach your target audience. You can filter audiences by location, demographics, and interests.

To give a couple of examples: If you have a restaurant, you can make your offers reach people under 35 years old who live less than 20 km from your place. If you run traditional or Chinese cooking courses, you can target people interested in culinary arts or traditional food who also live close to your school.

  • Customer Comments

On social networks, in addition to sharing photos, memes, and news, users also share opinions. If your business is on social networks, it will be easier for you to collect customer reviews. If these contents are positive, it is highly recommended to use them on your website to reinforce the company's image.

We can also better control negative reviews on social media that can affect our business's reputation. Some companies generally ignore comments made on social networks and the Internet. Nowadays this is a big mistake, the vast majority of people use the Internet before deciding where to shop, where to eat, where to stay, etc.

Even if you sell good products and strive for the best service, there will always be a dissatisfied customers. One of the services where they vent their anger is on social networks. Being present allows you to handle the problem, respond and apologize if necessary.

  • User-Generated Content

Social media can enable many businesses to engage their customers in their online marketing. For example, clothing stores, accessories stores, or establishments such as outlets or restaurants can encourage their customers to create content. The leitmotiv can be a contest that encourages sharing photos or videos on social networks with your products.

Sometimes we are lucky enough that a YouTuber or micro-influencer on Instagram is a customer and selflessly decides to tell their’ positive experience using the company's products or services. If this is not the case, we can apply point 3 and try to contact one of them for a collaboration.

  • More Dynamic Digital Marketing

Social networks are the perfect scenario to experiment with digital marketing. You can work perfectly with small investments and quick tests that reach thousands of people in a few days. This allows you to test different ideas and types of content, and then evaluate the level of audience interest.

Instead of running six-month campaigns worth several thousand dollars, you can create campaigns that you adjust over time. It's about implementing a dynamic approach where we're profiling audiences through repetitive processes and improving the results of ads and campaigns.


Can your business do without all these benefits of social media? If you want to take advantage of social networks to attract your audience and increase sales in KDMagency we can help you. We are experts in managing company profiles and short, medium, and long-term campaigns that allow companies to get in touch with their target audience.